Let’s play Koolaid
Fashion Assist Mercedes Benz
Reunión Cristal
Cooler Mx Corona
Navidad Nestlé
Invisible man Walmart

Andres has directed television ads since 2011 for brands like Nestle, Coca Cola, Corona, Walmart, Bimbo, Nissan, Mercedes Benz and in different countries.

 In 2013 he won the Golden Circle prize for best young director in the ¨Circulo Creativo de Mexico¨ festival. His work has received many awards in different festival. Some of his work have won prizes in festivals such as Effie, Cannes and Ojo de Iberoamérica.

 He is known for shaping his projects with a pretty elaborated art direction, which turns them into pieces with a very peculiar fun humanism. He likes conceiving his projects with a very complex character design and from there he starts to generate the narrative and the visual universe of the film.  He is usually chosen to be in charge of projects that require visual comedy, children's stories and scripts that fuse the narrative of the story.

He was born in Mexico

City in 1983 and currently lives in Madrid.