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Ignacio Gabriel was born in Buenos Aires in 1979 in the bosom of a family settled in Patagonia. He began to develop as a director and his short films and video clips obtained various mentions and awards at festivals. He composes the original music of many of his productions, his own short films and other filmmakers and several documentaries. At the same time, he is fully involved in advertising as an assistant director, which allows him to work together with the most renowned national and international directors. He is currently part of the staff of directors of LadobleA, one of the most recognized producers in the market. In 2015 she founded Sonido Campeón, her music production company for Cinema and Advertising. His commercial ¨Powepoint¨ for the client Zonajobs was internationally awarded, receiving among his awards Silver in Clio Awards, Gold in Wave in Rio, Bronze in San Sebastián and Platinum Pencil. As a contemporary director he manages the new technologies and communication formats knowing how to adapt to the new production parameters. His diverse projects have endowed him with a wide vision and capacity to adapt to the varied tones of story and aesthetic treatment depending on the demands of each script. In his reel stand out the direction of actors, humor and art.